Friday, September 3, 2010

Verameat in Lucky Stores & Sale

So, I just found out that Verameat jewelry by Vera Balyura will now be available in Lucky Brand stores, which is quite exciting.

Even more exciting, between now and Sept. 4th you can get it 27% off Verameat jewelry with the code: Lucky27 at the Verameat website.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

swivel chair by Restoration Hardware

Now, $600 + dollars are definitely not what I would normally think about spending on a desk chair, but this one might just be the one to spend it on if you have the money.

It's the new Devon Leather Chair by Restoration Hardware. I tried it out the other day in their San Mateo store, and man oh man, this chair was as comfortable as it comes. Just the right amount of support, good arm rests, and soft movement make this chair a keeper.

It may just be that I'm sick of my hard wooden (makes your butt numb) chair, but this item is definitely going in my wish list.

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