Friday, May 18, 2012

DIY Camera Strap

I love this DIY camera strap idea from Chictopia! Isn't it nifty? I just got a sewing machine, and I've been trying to think of projects I can do with limited abilities (I'm just learning), and this is perfect! If you have a sewing machine, you can also use this idea if you have interchangeable purse straps. You can also find someone to lend you their sewing machine if you want to try this out and don't have one.

(photo credit:

You can view the entire DIY project on, as well a bunch more of really nifty DIY ideas that are simple, affordable, and most of all chic and fun!

Where Has Time Gone?

Where have the past few months gone? How do you find time to do everything in your day?

It's been hard to keep up with everything that I want to keep up with. This blog being one of those things. A quick recap of what my life has been the past few months... I've gotten a full time job working at South Lake Tahoe High School as the athletics and vice principal's secretary. I love working with kids, and helping one of our students get his senior project mentor form from his mentor made my day. Seeing how happy he got from my help was pretty awesome; I was recently published in Reed Literary Magazine. One of my photographs was used for their cover and I had a photograph published inside as well; I have started writing a young adult novel, and I'm super excited about it; and of course I'm continuing my photography, and my shop, ZoiShop, has reached over 100 sales!

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