Saturday, May 7, 2011

Featured Seller: Liese Chavez

Artists truly have the ability to take the observer into another world. This cannot be more true than with the work of Liese Chavez, a self-taught artist from Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Her works mesh fables, fairytales, and dreams into vivid and enchanting paintings and prints that are truly for those that love to imagine.

Liese sells her various prints and jewelry internationally through her three Etsy shops: Pale Preoccupation, Deadpan Alley and Rhombus Jewelry.

"I find inspiration in all the dreaming I did as a child. I spent a lot of time inside my head. Still do," Liese said.

Although Liese has undeniable talent for bringing those dreams and visuals from inside her head onto canvases, she is a strong believer that her ability has formed not from pure talent, but from hard work.

"Sometimes I think that people get the idea that I woke up one day being able to draw anything I fancied. Drawing like painting is a learned skill, just like playing the piano or becoming an athlete. It takes practice and dedication. People often tell me they don't think they could ever learn to draw, but I think they are just being too hard on themselves. Give yourself a proper chance to try, then judge," Liese said.

Though many of us might have a "yeah, right" response to this, there is no denying that Liese's encouragement and modesty make her a truly likeable artist, whose imagination we feel truly invited into.

Like other crafts that take dedication to minute details and extreme patience, Liese's works take a lot of hard work and focus to finish.

"It can take dozens of hours of preparation before I begin what will become a final painting." From there "oils with layers of glazing take the longest, almost two months to finish..." Liese said.

But all that time is very much worth it when the finishing results are feminine classics.

"I create things as a way to connect to others and to keep my head in the right place," Liese said.

In five years Liese hopes to be a full-time artist that can still pay her mortgage and can give herself two days off a week. To her that would truly suffice.

You can follow Liese's imaginative journey through her Twitter and Facebook pages.

Friday, May 6, 2011

ZoiShop Mother's Day Weekend Specials

I just listed a bunch of ZoiShop Mother's Day weekend specials, available until Monday.

Specials include 8x8 photo prints and Surprise Me! photo note card sets for only $12 each.

To view all specials click here!

Happy Mums Day!


How neat is this hive/nest hammock type structure?

Joe and I had considered getting a hammock, but we are both leaning toward the Nestrest from designers Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety. We might not be able to afford it right now, but it's definitely on my most wanted for the future list.

The sturdy structure is made out of Dedon fibers. The Nestrest allows you to have a hammock type experience with privacy, and possibly more comfort that a standard hammock. Although the outside only comes in two colors, you can choose from over a dozen of colors and patterns for the inside of your nest.

Very neat.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Aaron Brothers Photography Contest

Aaron Brothers is hosting a photography contest! Enter your mother's & father's day, travel, pet, baby, graduation, and/or wedding photograph for a change to win $1000. View details for clicking the image below.

Contest ends May 29th!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

everyone starts somewhere!

I think the hardest thing in starting your own business is figuring out what methods work for you and your medium in order to start selling.

I've been going crazy the past four months, ever since I opened my Etsy shop, ZoiShop. A month in, I had a great week. I was super stoked to start selling. I felt like it would keep on going, and that's how it'd be from then on. But I was way off. A month went by, and even though I had gotten positive feedback from everyone, I had only one other sale.

I've spent the last couple of months researching, developing, making treasuries, joining teams, asking questions on Etsy Success, buying how-to-sell your merchandise books, all in an attempt to find that one epiphany that will make me sell again!

Finally, the day before yesterday it came to me. I had had a lingering thought about what Natasha from Mimsmaine had said during a portion of her interview. She had said that she started out doing the $7 a day thing. This inspired me to try out a four hour deal listing in my shop. I ended up selling a print. My first sale in over a month, and even though I barely made a profit, I am excited out of my mind about it!

It's funny how sometimes you just need to have a single moment of realization to make you take one step further, even if it's a baby step, you always have to remind yourself that you have to start somewhere, that everyone starts somewhere.

I'm also reading a book that photographer Elle Moss recommended through her Facebook page. It's called "The Handmade Marketplace: How To Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally, and Online", by Kari Chapin.

So far it's a very good read. I would recommend it to other entrepreneurs as well. It's one of those books that truly outlines and reminds you of all the details you need to consider while running or before running your own crafters business.

All in all, I am working hard to succeed in doing what I love. I won't give up on it. I refuse to give up as long as it's my passion. And even if it takes a while, I'll try everything before I stop.

I also found out that I might have my first solo wedding gig in July!

This month has already started out wonderfully, and I hope it keeps up in the momentum all the way through...for everyone.

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Four Hour Print Special $3 4x6 photo prints!

I'm having my first ever photo print special in my shop. For four hours you can purchase 4x6 photo prints for $3!

Click the image below to take you to the listing:

Here are some of the prints you can find:

Day 62-68/365: Hello May!

I can't believe it's already Monday again! I'm so stoked for May though. From mother's day to getting to see my boos after 5 months of doing the long distance thing while he finishes grad school, it's bound to be a great month!

I spent the weekend looking at reception dresses and for bridal jewelry with the mum. Although no luck, it was nice to spend some quality time with my meems.

How was your weekend loves?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Holgariod: I want one!

My Joe posted this link to a Holga/polariod synthesized camera on my Facebook page a few days ago. We're considering pitching in together and getting it for both of us as our wedding gift to each other. I've got to say, I'm really leaning toward it, it looks awesome, and we could use it during our reception!

Best of all, it's quite affordable, and $154 plus tax. I'll just have to make sure to add some film for it on our registry!

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