Saturday, June 18, 2011

Featured Seller: Huiyi Tan

The road we begin on is never the road we end on. This is exemplified by the road of Huiyi Tan.

Huiyi began her career life as an interior designer in Southeast China, but she went on to pursue an MA in jewelry design in the UK and is now a GIA accredited jewelry professional. After a four year stay in America, she returned to the UK where she is now settled in Cornwall with her husband. Since 2010 she has been an independent jewelry designer and maker. She creates her handmade jewelry at her little Cornish studio in Southwest Britain.

Huiyi currently sells her unique and sleek contemporary jewelry internationally through her Etsy shop.

"When doing interior design, I created and solved problems for my clients. When [it comes to] jewelry, I design, create and solve problems for myself," Huiyi said.

This may be something that is true for most creators. The love of the art begins by loving what one creates. And it is through Huiyi's evident attention to detail and desire to create clean-cut work that her passion for creating jewelry is demonstrated.

Her handmade jewelry pieces are designed by both her and husband, who is an architect. This may be the reason why her work can sometimes be quite geometric and exquisitely enticing.

Though her inspiration does not stem from architecture, but from art.

"My parents sent me to an art studio to learn painting when I was at the age of nine. I see the drawing and painting knowledge gained when I grew up as the foundation for my inspiration. It trained me to see every day life in an aesthetic way. Also, friends I know, things I've seen in my traveling inspire me quite a lot," Huiyi said.

Outside of her jewelry works, Huiyi enjoys spending time with her friends and family, cooking, and daydreaming.

In five years Huiyi would like to still be creating, in a home of her own, with a child.

You can follow Huiyi's journey through her Facebook Page.

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