Saturday, July 2, 2011

Featured Seller: Carrie Gault

Some of the most admirable people are those that can overcome a disability to do what they love. There are people who lose limbs that go on to surf, swim, or run. There are those who are blind that go on to give nature walks and ride their bicycles throughout town. And there are people like photographer Carrie Gault, who strive to overcome an incurable double vision.

"I have had operations for it, but the type I have is so rare they don't know how to fix it. Every time you have an eye operation there is the risk you could lose your sight, so mine is never taken for granted. By practicing photography, I, like everyone else, close one eye and though it is a strain, I see a single image for the click moment," Carrie said.

However difficult to overcome, her double vision has not hindered her ability to create unique images that portray her sense of time and space through wonderfully vivid photographs.

You can purchase Carrie's photographic prints internationally through her Etsy shop, cherryblossomtattoo.

It is not only a photographer's ability to take an image that creates the frame, but the manipulation of the scene through the photographers viewfinder. This is something Carrie fully embraces.

"My pieces are all about looking to find beauty in the world around me, to remind myself just how much beauty there is, even in the most unexpected of places.

"I get to choose what I focus on and therefore what my viewer focuses on. It's wonderful to hear comments like 'I never saw it that way' or 'I didn't even notice that'. I have a deep respect for all art forms, but for me I love the way photography is so accessible," Carrie said.

Outside of creating, the Northern Ireland resident enjoys growing her own fruit and vegetables, traveling, running her allotment blog, and practicing Yoga while being married to her grammar school boyfriend.

You can follow Carrie's journey through her Blog, Facebook and Twitter.

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