Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sweet Finds: Kitchen Additions

What does your kitchen mean to you? I'm a big eater, I love food. I've always been around people that love food. My family, my friends, my husband now, so a kitchen to me really is one of the most important parts of a home for me. One that I feel like should always feel homely. When I lived with my mom, I always felt that feeling. Her kitchen is so warm and the right amount of mismatched, so when I got married, I tried to do the same. Although we're still a little aways from getting it as perfect as possible, Joe and I are getting there.

The following are some of my favorites kitchen finds on including my pears photo print, that I have the feeling we'll be hanging up on our kitchen real soon.

Cutting Board - Gray Works - $60 USD

Teapot Clock - Decoy Lab - $48 USD

Blue Hand Printed Tea Towel - Oelwein - $21 USD

Stitch Apron - The Elms Vintage - $18 USD

Magnet Knife Block - Feel Felt Found - $110 USD

Pears Photo Print - ZoiShop - $25 USD

Holiday Cookies - The Piece de Resistance - $24 USD

What's your favorite loves?

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