Friday, January 21, 2011

The Reading Bug & V

I had been so busy working on building up my card and jewelry business that for a while I'd given up on reading. This changed when Joe (my amazing boyfriend) decided to put away his zombie gift giving days behind and gave me an Amazon Kindle for xmas. I LOVE this gift. Not only can I download thousands of books for free, but it fits effortlessly in my purse and is lightweight. Since then, I've become a reading bug again.

I just finished reading Steve Moore's "V for Vendetta", which is based off the graphic novel by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. The movie is a great depiction of the book, almost following it precisely, yet the book is still so much better. The reader gets a better picture of the background story, some deleted or omitted scenes and dialogue, and just more feeling. This is a book that everyone should read. Its political commentary is so very well fitting for the times we live in. And there's always that one scene in which Valerie's story is being told that never stops being a tearjerker for me. Any book that can ignite that feeling of empathy, is a must read.

Two great finds for the avid reader.

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