Saturday, April 23, 2011

Featured Seller: Brooke Baxter Howie

A track record is perhaps the most important element of success. Brooke Baxter Howie, is no stranger here. She has been showing and selling her original paintings for over 40 years.

Once an art teacher, and with a long career in graphics, Brooke is now pursuing her dream of being a painter, selling solely her original works, no prints, internationally through her Etsy shop.

"I have created for many years to make a living. Now I paint for myself and the happiness it creates for my buyers," Brooke said.

"I have always loved the Impressionists. Klimt and Van Gogh are my favorites. I love the patterns, colors and textures of both of them although they are very different," Brooke said.

Although elements from both impressionists can be found in her work, her paintings have a cheerfulness that is distinctively hers. Her usage of bright colors, serene yellows and popping blues, make her art for the happy hearted.

Although, a lot of artists like to sketch their work out on paper before beginning Brooke has a different method.

"I don't sketch it out first...I just paint," Brooke said.

That's not to say that Brooke doesn't have a creative process though. She first sketches out a piece in her mind, visualizing through her art, evolving it all in her head before the brush ever touches the canvas. Afterward, it can take anywhere from several days to a few weeks to finish a specific piece.

You can follow Brooke's journey through her Etsy shop.

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