Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Featured Seller: Five Sisterz

Sometimes, a little nudge is just what a creative needs to take the selling plunge. This exactly what Mariah, Kamilla, Julia, Analisa, Elora, and their brother Eric, six Southern California siblings ranging from five to 20 years of age, received. They found this nudge, in their mum, who after noticing that her children could create adorable and very well crafted items, began encouraging them to sell their works.

"None of us wanted to do it, we're all a little stubborn, but she set us up a shop and nearly forced us...we're so thankful for that now!" Mariah said.

Currently, Mariah and her sister Kamilla run the FiveSisterz shop on Etsy.com together, where they sell their works from knitted scarfs and booties to lollipops to jewelry to photography prints to their super cute crocheted animals, all available for purchase internationally.

Their road to creation began when they were little, and as children often do, when they created not for customers, but for their toys. They would knit tiny sweaters and blankets, sometimes even pillows, for their Star Wars action figures, in a crafters and animal lovers' home.

"Our home is notorious for having coffee mugs, yarn, cameras, and animals everywhere! People tell us we have a petting zoo with our three dogs, two birds, three turtles, three cats, one ferret, and one stinky hamster," Mariah said.

"I just imagine everything in our shop is for rainy days, from cozy slippers to silly lollipops," Mariah said. This is the exactly feeling I get when I look through their shop. A cozy, warm feeling. The kind of joy that I get with a good cup of coffee, the exact drink that happens to be an important part in the creative process the sisters have.

"Mainly it's the coffee that gets the work done. We live off of it," Mariah said.

Although you wouldn't think it, their booties take only 30 minutes to create, while their crocheted animals can take up to two hours.

"We are just ready for whatever life brings us, ready to create adventures out of everything and just to love the handmade, cozy life we live," Mariah said.

An adventure that will surely including many more pets, sibling laughter, and warm creations.

You can follow their journey on Twitter or through their blog.

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christine donee said...

oo I love this! going to check out their blog now...

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