Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Featured Seller: RGSocks

Socks are a necessity that are easily taken for granted, but these small feet warmers have become a most loved pastime for the mother and daughter duo of RGsocks.

This duo spends all their spare time knitting socks and selling them through their online shop on Etsy.com. Although it started as a fashion trend, their knitted women's and men's socks continue to sell as RGsocks constantly thrives to create different styles in bright colors and interesting patterns that make each pair a work of art.

The ladies from RGsocks, create not only for income, but also for other, perhaps more important, reasons.

“Creativity gives us pleasure and joy,” RGsocks simply said. It is this same pleasure that the ladies from RGsocks aim to spread to their consumers by advertising the comfort of coming home and putting on a warm and soft pair of hand knitted socks.

Although you might not think it, one pair of super cute RGsocks takes a day or two to create, and ship very affordably from Lithuania to the comfort of your home. Once there, you can kick back from a hard day at work, and give your feet a much needed chance to relax in the comfort of handmade.

You can follow RGsocks' journey through their Facebook and via Twitter.


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Rima said...

Thank you so much!!! We really like it :)

OS said...

lovely socks :)

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