Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sweet Finds: Rings

I love rings. When I was a teenager I used to wear at least four between both hands, every single day in high school. Although I mostly now just wear my wedding band and engagement ring, I still love rings. The following are some of my favorite rings, in my sweet finds segment.

Crochet Ring - dualchocolate - $65 USD

Circle ring - nihanatakan - $35 USD

Ring set - colbyjune - $215 USD

Baby elephant ring - michellechangejewelry - $128 USD

Neon yellow geo ring - amerrymishap - $13.99 USD

Ruby ring - tesiaalexandra - $90 USD

Sterling silver ring - gemagenta - $58 USD

What's your favorite?


dualchocolate said...

my favorite,hmm hard to make a choice, but I love gemagenta's lingerie collection!
thank you!

christine donee said...

love the ring set! I'm all about stacking those suckers..

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