Monday, August 23, 2010

a little on me, a lot on

It was 2 a.m. yesterday, and I was suffering a mad dose of insomnia. I felt like my thoughts were wired, and they all centered around
Aztlán Photo Cards and

It all began about a year ago when my mom suggested that my sister and I, both photographers, should take our photographs and turn them into photo cards to sell. After working with the notion and realizing the profit would be less than the investment, I let the thought go dormant.

The idea poured back four months ago when I broke my HP laptop. After cringing at the idea of guzzling up my savings, I gave in and bought a MacBook. Our old dingy decade-old Epson Printer, however, had to be throw out. It didn't work with my new laptop.

And voila! The moment I realized I had to buy a new printer, an epiphany struck me. Why not purchase a photo printer that would allow me to print cards at home? It would cut out the middle-man and I would actually be able to make a profit from selling photo cards. So I bought a Canon printer on amazon. A great printer.

Since that moment, my whole world has revolved around starting my own photo card business. I've spent countless hours editing, finding, laying out, photoshopping, printing, testing, buying materials, investing, packaging, formatting, photographing, and photographing the photographs, waiting and working toward the moment that I felt Aztlán Photo Cards was ready to be launched into trial mode.

A week ago, I started an account on, the vintage and creator version of, in hopes of becoming the next top seller. There I am selling blank full-frame and half-frame photo cards, personalized photo cards, prints and soon, photo rings and invitations.

Among many other things, this blog will center around the climbs, falls, and limbo of being an entrepreneur.

So far, the total number of sales, on Etsy and outside of Etsy, is six. A number I am very much working hard to increase.

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