Saturday, April 9, 2011

Featured Seller: Eve Simone

Photographer Eve Simone truly demonstrates that you can be a great creative while maintaining a busy schedule. The hours in her New York residing days are split between a fulltime job, her husband, a baby daughter, their two feline companions, and the love of her creative work.

“I am lucky if I get a full day to photography, so it’s definitely a challenge,” Eve said.

Lack of time definitely hasn’t dampened her creativity though. Her feather, flower, and various other images that are for sale internationally on her Esty shop are beautifully constructed with a soft elegance that makes these wall art and postcard photographs fantastic. Though they look simple, many of her works are a collection of scanned images that she has compiled together.

“There are some images I have been working on for months that no one has seen because [they’re] missing something or [they’re] just not there yet,” Eve said.

Her grandmother, a mixed media artist who started in photography, would prove to be the source of Eve’s dedication and inspiration, an idol beside Joseph Cornell and Diane Arbus. Growing up, Eve would spend hours in her grandmother’s studio and darkroom, where she became familiar with the form.

Currently, Eve is working on releasing egg and shell images that promise to be just as great as the rest of her work.

She continues to work toward a bigger goal.

“I am waiting for the day that I have my very own personal space for creativity...enough space for a darkroom and space to finally start my collages and time to work on everything that I dream about at night,” Eve said. She sees herself moving away from Brooklyn, back to her roots in North Carolina where she’ll find nature in abundance.

You can follow Eve’s journey through her Web site and Flickr stream.


christine donee said...

wow really beautiful work.. thanks so much for sharing!

S. Santos said...

It really is isn't it! :]

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