Saturday, April 30, 2011

Featured Seller: MimsMaine

In 2008, Natasha from MimsMaine opened her Etsy shop to sell her hobo bags and backpacks, and wristlet purses internationally. Just two years later her sales are creeping up to 3000, which is no surprise given her unique creations and impeccably clean-cut style.

"This is two full time jobs, no kidding. I work six to seven days a week, and never hit the sheets before one. Partial necessity and partial insanity," Natasha said.

Lack of time hasn't stopped Natasha from creating a custom order friendly atmosphere. Not only can you pick your bag style, but you can start your order process by choosing from a variety of canvas or leather fabrics first, such as her 1960s office chair design shown below.

Her favorite thing about creating is designing a new bag and the imagination that lies behind this act.

"I can make the same bag fifty times and every time I am looking for the light, the better way. It is almost never tedious. In fact, I don't listen to music or the radio so my mind can be free to meander in search of the solution. If there is one it will be found eventually.

"What I lack in ability, I make up for in stamina," Natasha said.

This same stamina is what has kept her going through her busy schedule. Stamina and of course her love for the work.

"If my hands hold out, I will always be happy making something. It hardly matters what. My Etsy shop was supposed to be little girls dresses...last minute switch to bags," Natasha said.

Natasha's studio is currently in her home, a Catholic Church and rectory on the top of a mountain in Maine surrounded by an abundance of trees. During the winter she mostly works from her kitchen close to the coffee and cookies. Although she doesn't have a Facebook, you can follower her journey through her Etsy shop.

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