Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sweet Finds: A Touch of Lace

Lace is one of the most feminine touches that you can add to your clothing or accessories in my opinion. It looks so light and delicate that it truly brings out the softness in any accessory or clothing item it is in. Although I don't own a lot of lace items, it is one of my favorite trends for the fall. The following are some of my sweet finds a touch of lace style that have been wonderfully handmade or are vintage finds.

Lace collar - branchbound - $19.99 USD

Lace necklace - TheWhirlwind - $26 USD

Lace thigh high's - iheartnorwegianwood - $69 USD

Lace earrings - fr33na - $8 USD

Vintage coin purse - Tuuni - $55.71 USD

Maxi dress - breadbuttervintage - $216 USD

Lace blouse - simplicityisbliss - $185 USD

What are your lace finds loves?

1 comment:

Marie (TheWhirlwind) said...

So cool! I love lace :)

Thanks so much for featuring my necklace here!

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