Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Joe's Birthday & Disc Golfing

Loves, have you ever been disc golfing?

Disc golfing consists of throwing a discus with a funky name like The Orc or Valkyrie until you make a throw into that hole's basket. South Lake Tahoe and Nevada have several extensive disc golf ranges, some of the world's most renowned.

Yesterday was Joe's 25th birthday and he took the day off from work, so we decided to take some of the disc golfs we had bought last weekend at a garage sale (we love South Lake Tahoe garage sales!) and try out the course located just across the Nevada border from us.

This disc golf course turned out to be a mountain range course that consisted of climbing several hundred feet to reach hole number nine and to see a great view of the lake. It turned out to be more of a hike than we'd expected, but it was pretty fun nonetheless. And it really opened our eyes even further to how much beauty is around us in our new home. Fun time ended when Joe lost his discus, and we couldn't find it. But by the 9th hole, and keep in mind that there is at least 18, we were pretty beat.

Here are some photos.

What did you do this weekend?

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