Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fitness Boost: I Can Do 30 Push Ups!

A couple weeks ago I posted a link on building your way up to 100 push ups. I really had to revisit the topic and talk about it some more, since I absolutely love the program. After only seven days I can do 30 full body push ups! And believe me, I'm so stoked about it considering that before I could barely complete one, which was frustrating and I'll admit a little sad.

How the program works is that you figure out how many push ups you can currently do, once you've got that figured out, there are three paths you can take depending on what level you're at. You do five sets each day, split up by 60 to 90 seconds of rest, and you only do the program three times a week. Each day you increase your push up outtake and intake amazing results. If you can't do full body push ups, start on your knees like I did.

So what are the benefits of push ups?

They not only serve to increase your bicep and tricep muscles, but they also help strengthen your core through the use of your own body weight, which means you're building lean muscle unlike with weight training you can often times simply bulk up. You can also do them anywhere in only a little bit of space, so you can go on vacation and do them instead of your full regular workout if you don't have enough room. Plus, you'll no longer need to ask someone to open a seal-tight jar.

Best of all though, you feel empowered over your own body, and therefore more likely to feel empowered within the day.

(photo curtesy of Real Beauty)

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