Saturday, April 2, 2011

Featured Seller: Mojo Spa

What began as a home remedy for Amanda Kezios has become a 10-year journey into the world of body care essentials. From her healing lip balm to meringue hand soap, Kezios now has over 200 products, a chunk of which are available for purchase internationally on her Etsy Shop, Mojo Spa.

“I have had a love for makeup since I was in Kindergarten. I would sit on the toilet and watch my mother apply her makeup every morning and as a treat for being patient and quiet I would get a touch of lipstick on my lips,” Kezios said.

Years later Kezios' journey in the body care world would begin when she created her first lip balm, “Make the Grade”. She wanted to develop something that would not only help her heal, but that would refocus her. Although she didn't expect it, soon she went from creating for herself to selling homemade balms to other people such as her "Light My Fire" balm “for love and passion”.

But these aren't just your regular body care items. According to Kezios she uses energized water that contains the vibration/frequency of the earth. This causes it to feel heavier than regular water and works with your body’s electrical current to open blockages.

“It’s kind of like acupuncture, where you are opening the chi energy of the body and that is why my products have enormous healing properties,” Kezios said.

One of my favorite things about Mojo Spa is that it produces feminine items with unique and chic labeling, such as her temptress gold shimmer sheer lip gloss.

“I love to think outside the box when I develop products and really listen to the feedback customers give me because they will be buying it and helping to spread the word,” Kezios said.

The next stage in Kezios' journey is to spread into the world of style. She has begun her Mojo Spa Style shop, in which she sells handmade handbags, jewelry, and accessories.

"In five years I hope to have more Mojo Spa stores in other locations like LA and Miami and continue to branch out with Mojo Spa Style where it is a profitable business in itself," Kezios said.

Want to learn more about Mojo Spa? Follow it on Twitter.

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christine donee said...

I can't wait to check it out.. thanks for sharing!

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