Friday, September 9, 2011


I turned 23 today. And although I'm to the age where birthdays are just like any other day, today was the first time in the past two years that Joe and I got to spend one of our birthdays together, which has given it that special factor that I so miss from when I was a little girl.

Joe made us cinnamon buns in the morning, and I guess you can say I love those things because before I knew it all that was left were frosting smudges. He also got me sunflowers, my favorite. And I get a homemade burger dinner. Can you say yummy! Joe is a great cook, and an amazingly sweet husband.

I think I can get used to this every year.

We don't have any flower vases, so I took our wedding idea, and used some of the mason jars we're using as drinking cups to hold the flowers. A great DIY idea that looks great.

We're going home for the weekend to celebrate my birthday with my family. I'm excited to go back to the Bay Area after three weeks of being away.

What are your plans for the weekend loves?

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