Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Post Office Crisis

Ever since I became an online seller I have become a United States Postal Service fan. I really do love it. For a while I visited their San Mateo location every day to ship merchandise and prints I'd sold online. When I read that USPS has a 5.5 billion dollar bill to pay this month and may fall short of it in an article in the New York Times yesterday it scared me a little. Especially when there's talk that post offices throughout the United States might close the entire winter.

Yes, I know that are plenty of alternatives like FedEx and UPS, but for me it is about another comfort that we'll see being hit by the economy. One that over the past couple of years has become a second home to me, a place I feel almost indebted to. I could have never sold prints to places like Australia or Switzerland if it weren't for the postal service here in the United States.

With only a few months away from winter, I have a good degree of optimism that the post office doors will remain open. Meanwhile, I'll continue to support the service that I owe so much to.

*photograph curtesy of USPS.com

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