Monday, November 7, 2011

Work Your Way to 100 Push Ups

Being fit for your wedding day can be the perfect motivation to stay in shape and keep working out. Since January of this year I've been working out at least five times a week, with maybe three weeks in exception. But now that my wedding is three months behind me, it has been getting harder to stay motivated to eat well and do harder work outs. And it definitely has added on some pounds and has diminished the work out capacity that I had become accustomed to.

Joe and I had been meaning to try this out for a while. A system that works you up to completing 100 push ups at one single time, and we finally did. We're only on day two, but so far I really like it, so I wanted to share the system. To learn more about it click the image below.

I really do feel passionate about staying fit. Not to be skinny or fit into a smaller pant size, but to be strong and healthier. It also helps out when you're stressing out and to keep you motivated in all your endeavors. For a crafter, this can be a useful tool.

I'll write more as my push up ability increase, and hopefully soon, I'll be writing about having completed 100 in one go. How neat would that be?

What's your latest health binge been loves?

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