Saturday, September 17, 2011

Featured Seller: Angie Lawlar

There is something about the rustic feel to jewelry made out of recycled and upcycled materials that is captivating. This is especially true with the creations of Angie Lawlar, a steampunk jeweler whose work I have been obsessing about for months now.

Angie sells her unique handmade steampunk jewelry internationally through her Etsy shop, Steampunk Funk, as well as locally in Janeau, Alaska where she lives with her husband, three kids, and their dog Reuben.

From her crooked house necklaces that I am absolutely in love with, to her unique take on a pair of wedding bands, her jewelry has its own voice; a loud yet subtle enticing hum. So although her jewelry falls under the steampunk category, she has added a funky edge to her work that for me has made it come into a category all on its own with the capability of a universal appeal.

"I create because it's who I am, it's a part of me that can't be denied or suppressed. I think I try to create pieces that will be enjoyed by many different people. For example the barn nail rings are popular not only with steampunk enthusiasts but also the ranchers, farmers and cowboys/cowgirls.

"I have a wide age range and style of buyers. I've had 60 year olds purchase the steampunk sparrow, and I've had 13 year olds go for the skeleton keys," Angie said.

Although producing appealing jewelry isn't an obstacle for Angie, her remote location is.

"Living in Janeau means there are no roads in and no roads out. The only way to Juneau is by plane or boat. So supplies are limited and ordering supplies is a job in and of its self. For example I just ordered supplies and paid $125 for shipping. I can't just run out [and] find what I need, I have to carefully plan it out and order accordingly," Angie said.

How hard Angie works just to be able to come by the materials she needs to produce her jewelry makes her that much more attractive as a seller; when you buy a piece of jewelry from her Etsy shop, you know she worked through obstacles to make it for you.

"I sincerely hope in five years I'm creating in a nice bright studio. That is my goal, to move out of my garage phase," Angie said.

Outside of creating Angie enjoys being a mom first and foremost, and the park hopping, hiking, biking, beach evenings and bear scoping that comes with it.

You can follow Angie's journey and a mom and jeweler through her Blog and through her Facebook page.

(Photos curtesy of Angie Lawlar)

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