Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sweet Finds: Accessories

Today is the beginning of my "Sweet Finds" segment for my blog where I will feature some of my favorite Etsy finds from the week. Today it is all about handmade and vintage accessories that correspond with fall fashion trends.

1. Vintage french sunglasses - moonandsoda - $34 USD

2. Two toned backpack/shoulder bag - SABRINATCH - $140 USD

3. Bowtie - bowup - $30 USD

4. Geometric triangle earrings - underanewlight - $22 CAD

5. Fur purse - breadbuttervintage - $32 USD

6. Beaded necklace - MagpiesShop - $79 USD

I can't stress how excited I am about this years fall fashion trends!

Joe and I are going vintage hunting this weekend and I'm stoked to see how many trendy accessories I can find. Look out for them for sale at ZoiShop!

Much love.

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