Thursday, September 22, 2011

Krochet Kids International

One thing that I miss about my life before being married is being able to do volunteer work. For almost two years, I volunteered at a food bank, CALL Primrose in Burlingame, California, and I absolutely loved it. So when Joe and I got married and moved up to South Lake Tahoe, that was one of the things that I had to let go of. I'm not saying if wasn't worth it. I love my husband and my new home. But, I am on the quest to find new ways to give back to the world and those in need.

I was watching How I Met Your Mother today and one of the commercials featured Krochet Kids International a nonprofit organization out of Uganda. If you haven't heard of this great corporation yet, it all started with three friends. These friends developed an idea and would go on to teach impoverish communities in Uganda how to crotchet and sell their items as a means to break the cycle.

You can purchase Krochet Kids International merchandise by clicking here.

As it gets colder here in South Lake Tahoe, I've got my eyes on the following knits from them.

The 5207.5 Beanie:

The Henry Tee:

My favorite part is that each handmade item is signed by the person who made it.

What nonprofits do you have your eye on loves?


Sea Flower Studios said...

That's great to support non profit organizations by volunteering or donations! I worked in non profit for a number of years so I can tell you first hand how important it is!
I've been feeling the same as you lately because I haven't had the time to commit to volunteering. My mom has been undergoing cancer treatments and I've been helping to care for her. She went to a wonderful program for cancer patients called Look Good Feel Good that helps them learn how to apply make up to make them feel good and teach them how to give the illusion of eyelashs and eyebrowns and such when they lose their hair during chemo. I've decided making some jewelry to donate as something extra for people taking part in that program because they are doing such an amazing thing for cancer patients. It's just something little I can do to give back for now.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

What a great organization! I love these types of non profits :)

Lostlemonade said...

What a wonderful idea! I work with a group that provides monthly birthday parties for kids living in shelters. At first, I thought it was a frivolous program, but seeing the joy on the faces of the children is so worth more than anything.

Retro Junction said...

What a great charity! I've bookmarked the website for when I'm holiday shopping.

Sandra P. said...

Sea Flower Studios, I'm sorry to hear about your mum! I hope that she's out of treatment soon and onto remission! Look Good Feel Good sounds like a great program. I'm going to look it up.

Memories & Retro, they really do sound great. My boyfriend's friend is actually working for them in Uganda right now, and he seems to really love the work. I'm might do an interview with him, so stayed tuned! :]

Lostlemonade, that really sounds like a great program. That sounds amazing. Kids being happy I think is one of the most important things in the world. I hope I can find something around my new home similar to that!

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