Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Inspiration

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week ended last Thursday. The following are some of my favorite looks. Click on the photograph to view each designers web Site.

Joy Cioci:

Son Jung Wan:


Charlotte Ronson:

Rebecca Taylor:

Nicole Miller:


View their entire collections by clicking here.

I think I'm equally excited for Spring fashion as I am will this years fall fashion. Sheer fabrics, metallics, mismatching, flower prints all sound pretty groovy to me.

What were some of your favorites?


Liz K Zook said...

I'm always a fan of DKNY and the clean lines.
Two of my favorites for Spring 2012 weren't at the Mercedes-Benz fasion week: PREEN and Oscar de la Renta.
PREEN's Spring 2012 look is like the 1960's on LSD and Oscar really knows how to dress women.

Sandra P. said...

Yeah, it does seem like it a little bit heh. PREEN has awesome prints. Definitely some of my favorites. :nods:

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