Monday, November 14, 2011

Dead Winter Carpenters and Nevada

What did you do this weekend loves?

On Friday, I got the opportunity to photograph the Dead Winter Carpenters at a local bar here in South Lake Tahoe for Action, the entertainment section of the Tahoe Daily Tribune where Joe works as their sports editor. Although, the venue had unbelievably horrible dark, and not to mention had red lighting, I was able to get some good shots that I converted to black and white.

I really enjoyed photographing for a publication again, as well as the band, which has a rare and unique sound filled with electric violin and standing bass rhythms. I'm not sure how usable the color images will be for the paper, but hopefully things will work out, and they'll be able to work with the red.

On another note, the weather has been beautiful lately, so Joe and I went for a walk in Nevada near the lake's shore. We were surprised by a rare sight of rocks and snowy mountains, which photographed wonderfully.

Hope you had a lovely weekend too.

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