Monday, November 14, 2011

Need Your Help!

This is my third time submitting my photography to Heartsy, probably the biggest crafter's Groupon type site on the Web, and could really use your help getting my photography featured at a great discounted price!

Since it works through a voting process, I could really use your help! I have a little less than five hours left for people to vote for my deal! I would really appreciate anyone who has a few seconds to spare to click the image below and vote "Yes, definitely".

For those of you that don't know how Heartsy works. You submit your craft for a voting process for 72 hours. After the voting time is done, the people at Heartsy go through each submission and decide if they want to feature you as one of their artisans. They contact you if they do, and you work out a deal with them. Lets say your deal is that you want people to purchase a coupon for your shop for $9 through their site, but it'll be $20 worth of merchandise at your Etsy shop. Deals range in differences, and can often be great for the buyer and bad for the shop, but part of it all is negotiating to get the best deal possible for both sides.

Thanks in advance loves, and more to come about my weekend, and hopefully hear some of what you did this weekend.


MuffinTop said...

Maybe doing something wrong, but I clicked the picture and nothing happens. Check the link if it's actually working, would be happy to help :)

Sandra P. said...

Thank you for letting me know! Fixed the link! I guess you can't put in shortened links! <3

MuffinTop said...

Works now, helped. Hope your work gets featured!


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