Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sweet Finds: Edibles

Do you love sweets? I am a sweets fiend. I love sugar and cake and cookies and lollipops, and anything that you need milk to wash down. Joe and I bought marshmallows for a mini Thanksgiving dinner we're doing on Sunday and since I've been fighting myself to not give in to my marshmallow cravings and rip that bag open I thought that an edibles segment of Sweet Finds would be appropriate today.

The following are some of my favorite edible finds on Don't all of them look delicious? Yum. Yum.

Apricot jalapeno organic jelly - Mirasol Farm - $8.25 USD

Cheesecake fudge - Jewel of the Lion - $19.00 USD

Raspberry linzer cookies - Esther Aguirre - $14.50 USD

White velvet buttercream cookie - Tookies - $28 USD

Marshmallows, brownies, biscotti - Whimsy and Spice - $48 USD

Lemon sugary lollipops - The Groovy Baker - $10 USD

Cherry walnut nougat - Have It Confections - $14 USD

What do you have a sweet tooth for?


Beth @ Have It Sweet said...

Wow, what a collection! Thank you so much for featuring our Nougat Bars.

Esther said...

Great Pics!!! Thanks a lot for the feature!!!

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